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Scholarships“The program enhanced the quality and number of my dreams and has given me the encouragement to follow them. It taught me about the power and positive influence one person can have in this world and it taught me that development work and so much of life is about listening, humility and a mutual exchange of knowledge.” - Margaret M., Franklin and Marshall College, Ecuador
Social Entrepreneur Corps has a rolling invitation process, however we can only offer a limited number of opportunities. Apply now for maximum program availability.

Click here to apply. Please fill out the form and within 48 hours we will confirm receipt, send you further information and set up a phone conversation/interview.

Important notes:

We are open to all applicants from all colleges and universities

You don’t have to speak Spanish before you come. You get 40 hours of intensive Spanish instruction  and live with Spanish speaking homes tays. Our staff is bilingual.

You don’t need prior overseas experience.

Students  from all majors are welcome and encouraged.

You will have the experience of a lifetime.

College and University Partners:

If you are from one of the following schools click on your school to learn about our partnership before applying:

Cornell University
Duke University – Duke Engage
Franklin & Marshall College
Georgetown University
Indiana University
Miami University
Northwestern University
The College of William and Mary
University of Connecticut
University of Maryland
University of New Mexico
University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill)
University of Notre Dame
University of South Carolina

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